Metal Spraying

Wear protection against - corrosion - heat corrosion, acids etc.We offer our customers solutions in the wear protection technology:

Wear protection by metal spraying is an important and trend-setting area of application in the field of environmental technology. The task is, to protect the longevity of metals which are stressed and destroyed by mechanical abrasion, corrosion as well as by acids etc.

The metal spraying technology began in the years around 1920. In the last years metal spraying made an enormous upswing.

Our special field in the innovation of metal spraying exists in the special form of spraying multi-layer wear-protection layers onto pipes, tube sheets and thermal plants in power stations, incineration plants and bio-wood combustion plants. We have been occupied with this operating technique for a long time already and obtained great success in the protection of  metals against high abrasion, corrosion, heat protection and acid corrosion.

In enclosed reference list you see examples of our operating technique with e.g. superheater pipes, pylons, heating space, fin pipes, at transitions from the heating space to the empty course etc.

We guarantee our customers:

- increase of service lives
- minimization of down-times
- smaller maintenance costs
- decrease of repair times

We offer our customers wear-protection layers for the protection of metals and materials in different variations:

St 35 8. III, 15Mo3, 13CrMo44, 10CrMo910, X20, P91,
Ferristic, austenitic etc. depending upon range of application.
Under control of the Technical University for warmth and fuel technology (Professor Dr. Reinhard Leithner) and the Fraunhofer Institute (Dr. Thomas Jung) in Braunschweig we will concern ourselves also in the future with this procedure and its advancements.